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JUNG von MATT, Hamburg / EDEKA / 2017

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Like in many countries all over the world, racist voices in Germany are gaining more and more power. During this years election the German right wing party AfD received a whopping 13% of all votes, which makes them the third most powerful party in the country. If German history has taught us anything then that we all need to stand up against racism before it’s too late.

So German supermarket EDEKA wanted to make a statement against racism by doing what they do best: selling groceries.


After almost one year of preparation the shelves of one EDEKA market in Hamburg were finally emptied. Just one day later, on the 19th of August 2017, the most German supermarket ever opened its doors.

Customers visiting the market were allowed to take pictures and videos while we were filming their reactions. Thanks to material shared by them the stunt went viral the very same day.

Two weeks later, on the 31st of August, we published the video material shot during the stunt. By then people all over the world had already shared videos and photos on Social Media. News and magazines referred to our experiment and we became part of an on going worldwide discussion about racism and diversity.

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