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Our brief and strategy were huge: to start a mass movement to reduce Great Britain's carbon footprint by the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The initiative was designed to drive brand visibility, reinforce EDF Energy’s credentials as the largest generator of low carbon electricity in Britain and amplify EDF’s sponsorship of the London 2012 games.

Through a highly visible advertising campaign; first of a kind media partnerships; high impact PR; celebrity and high-profile political endorsements; employee and community events reaching thousands of staff, school kids and parents; EDF Energy’s Green Britain Day (10.07.09) successfully kick started a sustained campaign to engage and help people come together and join Team Green Britain. TGB is a joint initiative from EDF with Eden Project, Global Action Plan and LOCOG that has over 710,000 members. Founded on the insight that behavior change is easier together, it aims to change the way people consume energy.


To create maximum impact, Green Britain Day was created on 10.07.09; a mass exposure event to capture the imagination of the British public and inspire communities to take action against climate change. A key visual of the campaign was a green Union Jack to symbolise the nation working together towards one common goal.

On the day people were asked to ‘do something green for the team’ and join highlighting the best ways to develop ‘lower carbon lifestyles’ across five teams: food, consumption, travel, energy and lifestyle; all developed in conjunction with brand partners; the Eden Project and Global Action Plan.

PR and advertising launched the campaign with the Flag teased across TV Blipverts, newspapers, taxis, digital posters; followed by an emotive 60” epic film (TV, Online). Digital response and customer communications , were then used to convert ‘awareness’ to sign-ups to and an ongoing relationship with EDF Energy.


This behavioral movement drove AWARENESS and mass INVOLVEMENT.• Massive 50% GBD awareness amongst adults (ICM/MORI) • 710,000 members of TeamGreenBritain by end 2009• 975 grassroots events• 12,000 attended an Eden Project Concert for the Princes Rainforest Trust • 7,000 attended Heart FM events • 6,000 employees involved • 3rd most viewed Facebook Group in EuropeIt got the ENDORSEMENT and SUPPORT from different stakeholders:• 5 Olympic gold medallists• The London Mayor attended events and Tweeted• The Prince of Wales web-video• The Houses of Parliament (discussion in the Lords, Early Day Motion in the Commons) …Plus the support of journalists with 500 PR articles/mentions valued at £3.3m Brand HEALTH indicators rose• Most recalled London 2012 sponsor• 7% uplift in Spontaneous brand awareness (28% uplift) • + 21% uplift on 'Lead the way in Green Energy' and + 18% on 'Environmentally Responsible' (Synovate)

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