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While Vicente Calderon stadium was in the way to be demolished, and everyone was talking about it, Libero Football Magazine saw an opportunity to help the poorest teams in Madrid, asking Atletico de Madrid to donate parts of the stadium (that they will not use in the new stadium) to these small clubs. So we decided to treat the stadium as a human being, and invited him to "donate its organs". As people can donate their organs, material things can donate too. This bold proposal started the conversation about this topic.


We launched the petition with a documentary and a website, where people could find the stories behind each club and support the cause. Then, during the last week before Calderon's last match, we released 10 more short documentary films about each one of the clubs. But in the very last day Vicente Calderon hosted an official match, we prepared a special intervention. The neighborhood woke up with wall posters about our initiative, and the whole party around the stadium was imbued by our campaign's energy. Part of the most important fans from Atletico went to the match dressed with campaign's flag, (including a huge flag placed inside the stadium). Sadly, Atletico de Madrid said no, but anyways, it started a debate around the poor conditions of small football clubs. And luckily, many brands got our message and donated to these clubs. So, we achieved our main goal: help them.


- Atletico de Madrid said no to our proposal but everyone else said yes. Fans, musicians, artists, politicians, that helped us to create massive PR to our campaign. And because of that, many brands got our message and donated, giving materials, equipment and, at the end, hope to thousands of young football players.

- 5,2 million impressions.

- +7 million € of Earned Media, from Spain and Latin America.

- +1.100 kids helped.

- There were news on all Spanish TV channel, such as TVE, LaSexta, Telecinco, Antena3 and Deportes Cuatro.

- Core broadcast news promoted the debate: ESPN, Eurosport, Huffington Post, Globo TV, UOL, El País, Marca, La Razón, Playground, etc.

- Worldwide news sports leader, Marca, dedicated a note in its front page.

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