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Carlos Valderrama, a well-known international footballer from Colombia who played in La Liga in the 90's, was provoked by some "unpleasant invasive touches" from an opponent. Those "touches" were caught by live cameras and became a hilarious football anecdote. Libero Football Magazine saw those touches as the perfect instruction manual on how to give a self-exam in three simple steps, to prevent testicular cancer, and get men to pay attention to their health. So, we created the #TouchYourFootballs hashtag. 26 years later, we invited Valderrama to re-live the moment and we produced a video tutorial to help men to learn how to examine themselves in just three simple steps.


The campaign started with Valderrama posting a tweet saying "Thanks, friend @MichelGonzalez #TouchYourFootballs", followed by a YouTube film URL. A few minutes later, Valderrama's followers and influencers started to retweet and to engage with the content.

In Spain, it started when Libero retweeted Valderrama. The internet went crazy. The anecdote was hype again. Hours later, Libero's Facebook and Twitter presented the video in a native way to its fan base and, for those who wanted more information, there was a website where people could find information about symptoms, recommendations and how to give a self-exam,.

A video tutorial in WhatsApp format was shared organically and that's when we lost control of the organic reach of the message. The campaign went viral and massive media from Spain and Latin America picked up the story. In the end, we achieved our main goal: make men aware of their health (and testicles).


- Men were interested in knowing more about the disease. Libero and Valderrama drove the highest peak of "testicular cancer" in Spain in the last years - the biggest since the beginning of Spanish Movember;

- 5,5 million € in Earned Media;

- 6,7 million views on owned Libero platforms;

- More than 3.600 articles on the internet;

- More than 200.000 impressions;

- 99% of positive mentions in Social Media (we think 1% is Michel);

- Reported by International media broadcast news, such as BBC, TyC Sports, Olé, Fox Sports, La Gazetta dello Sport, CNN, and more;

- The media were delighted with our campaign. National channels as TVE, Antena3, Telecinco, Cuatro, LaSexta all covered it;

- The Colombian Health Department endorsed our campaign;

- Recommended by former footballers who suffered the disease.

- Twitter Trending Topic in Spain, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico - in a very organic way;

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