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BBDO NEW YORK, New York / FEDEX / 2015

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A rich man goes golfing with his caddie. He’s bad at golf. Every time he hits a shot poorly, he tells his caddie, “Don’t count that.” He hits many bad shots and says “Don’t count that” many times.

We see him in a FedEx store. He continues his air of entitlement by trying to sneak extra stuff into his FedEx package, telling the clerk, “Don’t count that.” The clerk tells him about FedEx One Rate, which lets you add more weight to the package without having it cost more. So the clerk didn’t “count that.”

The golfer sees this as a sign of his vindication and says “I just can’t miss today.”


We open on a corner, corporate office – 50 floors up – with a stunning view of other office towers.

Wearing a power suit and cufflinks, a slick, confident boss is seated behind a polished, wooden desk. Displayed on and near his desk are a few samples of his fashion line.

His underling enters frame.

BOSS: Y’know what my business philosophy is, Reynolds?

REYNOLDS: No, not exactly.

BOSS: To attain success, one must project success.

The boss notices the FedEx envelope that Reynolds is holding.

BOSS: That’s why we use FedEx One Rate.

REYNOLDS: Right, their flat rate shipping.

BOSS: Exactly. It makes us look top-notch, but we know it’s affordable.

SFX: Screech of a garage door opening.

Suddenly, the back wall begins moving up – and we realize this luxurious, 50th floor view was merely wallpapered onto the inside of a suburban garage door.

The boss’s wife stands in the driveway.

WIFE: I need help with the groceries.

With a loud sigh, the boss reaches for the garage door clicker. With a wicked smile, he presses it. The garage door begins to close.

He then resumes the conversation with his employee, Reynolds.

BOSS: Where was I? Oh, yes...

We cut to our end product treatment featuring a FedEx "Large Pak" and "Small Pak" against a white background.

VO/SUPER: Ship a pak via FedEx Express Saver® for as low as $7.50.

CARD: FedEx.

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