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We wanted to show that with the right tools, anything is possible. That led us to the approach of finding a genuine idea from a real person, and helping them bring it to life. We auditioned for creativity, from a group of very imaginative schoolchildren. That led us to Julia, a little girl who had an idea to solve a problem that every child has experienced. When you taste a bubble, they just taste of soap. What if you could create a range of gourmet bubbles, in all your favourite flavours?

She called her invention ‘Flubbles’. We gave her the tools and set her up with the collaborators she needed to make her idea happen, and documented the whole thing in an unscripted film. It was a genuinely human story of achievement, and showed that with the right tools, and the right attitude, you can make amazing things happen.


We created a 4 minute online film. It began with our final casting shoot, where we asked our shortlisted children to come up with an idea that would change the world. We show some of their suggestions. We are then introduced to Julia, a child with an idea for gourmet flavoured bubbles, which she called “Flubbles”. We follow her journey, as she meets several collaborators and gets closer to making her dream a reality. We finally see her as her finished creation is unveiled, and capture her delight that her idea is now a reality.

The video was released and promoted as teasers through Microsoft Australia’s social channels. The teasers clicked through to a content hub on, where viewers could watch the whole film, and then delve deeper into the process in two “extended content” pieces, which detailed the use of some of the product features in Julia’s journey.


• Impressions - over 28 Million

• Clickthrough’s to purchase Office 365 - over 133,250

• Videos views - 2.6 Million

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