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For Every Victory VR

MARVELOUS, Stockholm / H&M / 2017

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The idea was to not show the collection at all (at least not in this world). We wanted to create a scene where we would get the audience's complete focus, a scene where they would interact with the brand and the new collection in a new way and see the clothes in their right environment. Since we couldn't bring the audience to the olympics in real life we brought a part of the olympics to the audience.


We created a virtual reality experience where the Olympic collection played a vital role. People got a chance to get closer than ever and experience an Olympic sport first hand, when two skilled, professional swim divers dressed in the H&M collection, warmed up to dive from the highest platform. The VR-experience was mounted in the central of Stockholm during the event 'Olympic Days' that took place in 'Kungsträdgården'.


During the campaign period thousands of people lined up to get a chance to see the collection in a new way and experience a swim dive from the highest platform. The virtual reality experience was a big hit, and without actually ever showing the collection for real, we highlighted its core in an innovative, tech-driven and exciting way and managed to take the entire H&M brand to new levels of tech-savviness

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