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OMD, New York / GATORADE / 2011

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GATORADE’s goal was to bring something unique to the Madden experience and looked at iconic moments “on the field" for inspiration. G Series sought to own both positive moments of achievement in-game and mirror the NFL sidelines experience via vignettes of players using branded towels, cups, coolers and squeeze bottles.

Not one to sit on sidelines, GATORADE evolved game play by creating a new hidden game feature tied to the iconic GATORADE dunk. Players were challenged to enter the secret G Code after a win to trigger the iconic GATORADE Cooler Dunk vignette on their coach. Allowing the player to perform the Dunk tied G SERIES to that positive feeling of victory with a classic GATORADE flourish they always see on TV, but never able to do themselves.The G Code was seeded thru social media, allowing the fans to discover the combo on their own and take it to their friends.


Campaign results supported our goal of educating consumers about 1) Our new product, 2) The expansion of our definition of what it means to be an athlete, and 3) The science behind our product.Pairing our integrations with our ads increased message recall by +154% when compared to that of our stand-alone ads. Our integrations also outperformed all others in unscripted prime time, raising Brand Recall by +17% and Brand Opinion by 100% (IAG). Co-branded online media received 11 million impressions and drove significant traffic to the mini-site content experience, with over 28.6 clicks.

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