VERY AGENCY, Copenhagen / VOLKSWAGEN / 2017


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Volkswagen Denmark had identified gap between the perceived value versus the real value of the car. In other words, the target group didn’t really feel, that the price of the "product" is equal to the purchase of the car.

Therefore, saw the need for creating a platform that would enable Volkswagen to engage with the target group on a more emotional level than merely functional benefits. The objective being that the “Volks” should back in Volkswagen.

The brief was to build a content hub of stories that told how Volkswagen is more than just a car in order not just to differentiate Volkswagen from other car brands, but also to increase the perceived value of the car. Also, the content hub should have creative take-off that resonated with the target groups own (life) experiences in order to increase both engagement and PR opportunities. Finally, it should have a long-term perspective.


This film deals with a family conflict in an unpolished and genuine portrait of a father and a son, who go on a trip together in an attempt to reconnect after a lifetime of misunderstanding.

It's a human story about real people with real, unresolved issues, where the car - an old 1979 Volkswagen Beetle - acts as a third character and works as a symbol for the differences between the characters, but at the same time a motivated space for resolution.


The Engagement Platform and campaign allows Volkswagen an opportunity for both hero-content(6 minute film) and “base-level” SoMe content for a longer period.

Introducing the content hub Volkswagen Generations, where Volkswagen gives a voice to people’s experiences and memories with the brand.

We made the film “Generations” to start conversations about the emotional stories connected to Volkswagen.

Alongside the hero-content we produced “real-life” stories from Volkswagen enthusiasts and heirs, who shared their personal stories. All of the content is gathered at the content hub on Volkswagens website for consumers to explore.

“Generations” hero-content was launched on October 3rd and after two weeks a Behind the scenes film was pushed on Facebook and YouTube for people to explore the film production.

Supporting content will be pushed during the next 10 weeks prolonging the social conversations.

The short film is pushed on Facebook and YouTube and on other paid digital platforms.

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