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IQIYI, Beijing / YILI / 2019

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-Reduced industry size

Nowadays, the scale of the neutral taste dairy industry continues to decrease, and it has been negatively growing for three consecutive years.

-Huge sales pressure

As the market share of the category declines, the sales scale of Wei Kezi continues to decline, and the sales pressure is huge.

-Recognize the fan economy

Previously, Luhan was the brand spokesperson, and the brand has always positioned the spokesperson as a tonality of small fresh meat. Satisfied with the endorsement effect, the customer's effect on the fan economy is recognized, but it has not fully met its own sales target.

-Consolidate and disseminate brand-specific,Right now,Youthful temperament

-Improve brand affinity

-Increase product sales


Vitality opening

In the finals of "Idol Producer", he appeared in the form of creative insertion. For the first time, he emphasized the concept of "Yuanqiu" and spread the youthful temperament of the brand.

Vitality Endorsement

Sign the flow of fresh meat as the brand spokesperson, highlighting the brand's vibrant image; the spokesperson's airborne offline activities, intimate interaction with fans, and enhance brand affinity

Vitality Sales

IP authorized to land E-commerce to create e-commerce events; online purchase of taste can send NINE PERCENT ‘s derivatives and concert tickets to promote product sales


-Young women after 90?Willing to pay for the likes?Desire for a positive, energetic spirit

-Lock the potential of the hottest resources of the current period, the flow of fresh meat as a brand short-term endorsement

Strengthen the image characteristics of the brand full of vitality

Drive sales through spokesperson marketing


Choose the 6 most popular players in the current program, shoot creative advertisements for Wei Kezi, incorporate the brand's main concept of “Yuanqi milk”, and broadcast it in the finals in the form of creative inserts.

Sign NINE PERCENT as the brand spokesperson, which will match the taste of the taste to the different small meats, and use the iconic hotspot label to create the taste.

The brand started to buy the product to collect the card to exchange the concert ticket activities, and opened the card [Quick Set Card Channel] on Weibo, encouraging fans to change cards and enhance the interaction between fans.

Wei Kezi joins the T-mall campus store to bring black technology to the campus! Experience the brush face to receive the vitality milk, NINEPERCENT photo machine sweet to generate love beans photo, improve attention. At the same time, online purchases also have the opportunity to get


-E-commerce sales

After the finals of “Idol Producer" on April 6th, the cumulative sales of Wei Kezi on April 5-7 increased by 350% compared with last year.

-significantly improved

From the Weibo index, after the finals of the "Idol Producer" on April 6th, the overall hot discussion index of Wei Ke Zi Weibo increased by 477 times. On April 26, the new spokesperson NINEPERCENT was announced. Increased by 1645 times

From the Baidu index, after the "Idol Producer" finals broadcast on April 6 and NINEPERCENT was announced as a new spokesperson on April 26, Baidu brand search volume has increased significantly.

-consumer word of mouth

On the final day, Wei Kezi official website released the "Idol Producer" creative insert video,Forwarding amount 35,037,Comments 4,832,Likes 1,931

active search heat

After the finals of the "Idol Producer" on April 6th, the brand's volume was

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