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Get Closer

VALENSTEIN & FATT, London / BOSE / 2017







We open on a bird’s eye view of London as we’ve almost never seen it before; this compelling shot of the city is completely empty. Bereft of people, cars and noise. The silent streets and bridges are enchanted with one lone figure - our heroine. The city is exclusively her stage as she steps effortlessly to the beat of a hypnotic track. Our heroine moves from the tube, through the city to Piccadilly Circus where we find her dancing in her own idyllic uninhabited world. The illusion of quiet is soon removed as the shot focuses back to reality and we see her surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus - wearing her noise-cancelling QC 35 wireless headphones.


With a script of this nature, shot in London’s most iconic locations (e.g. Piccadilly Circus), visual effects were always going to be key in successfully bringing it to life. The locations were unpredictable, busy twenty-four hours a day, and required substantial cleanup. The first step was the cleanup of people, cars, and other major distractions in shot. Following that, we started to introduce subtle elements to bring the city to life; changing traffic lights, flying birds, moving escalators, animated graphics on the Piccadilly LED display. We had to do DMP for the shots where the shops were closed, but needed to appear open. The final challenge was to populate the final Piccadilly Circus wide shot. This shot was done with a combination of several plates that when combined, made an even more impactful transition between a calm and hectic London.

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