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T-Roc is Volkswagen’s all new compact SUV for the young groups of people in urban areas. The vehicle’s unique selling proposition is Volkswagen’s exclusive 4 Motion all-wheel drive system.However, it is not yet a hot trend to drive a SUV for off-roading among young Chinese people nowadays. The challenge we face is an already saturated market in China, also it is not yet a hot trend to drive a SUV for off-roading among young Chinese people nowadays. The audience don’t know very well about 4 motion. Thus, Volkswagen want to let young people pay more attention on the new T-Roc and also increased the sales volume.


The core idea is based on the theme ”get into the story”, We took our audience on a journey into their favorite stories from hit novels, films and TV series. By clicking on Volkswagen’s ads on Kindle’s pages, online video platforms and social media, our audience was invited for a thrilling test drive with the routes designed according to certain scenes from the popular TV series, films and top-rated books on Amazon Kindle. Then we collected the audience information and test drive apply online directly.


Study shows that the divorce rate in Beijing and Shanghai is close to 50% with more 25 to 35-year-old professionals preferring to stay single or not get married. They enjoy the single life and escape the daily grind of work by immersing themselves in hit TV series and films, so much so that they spend an average of 3.81 days per week on online video platforms. So we gave up the traditional TV, the plane and the OOHs, and used the media creatively for the popular episodes of the video site.


Volkswagen launched the "Go into the Story" campaign, focusing on video sites. People pause while browsing the video, jump out of the ad, and directly call people to the story. Our campaign ran where we knew our younger target audience would be - online video platforms. People can click on the apply for test drive directly. The Kindle not only brings the copyright support of the original film and television drama, but also provides a list of stories that young people like.


The campaign was well received with click rates reaching an unprecedented 59% compared to the average of 7%. Created 65,740,000 impressions in China. Resulting in 165, 354 online test drive reservations. During the month of the campaign 9, 660 VW T-Rocs were sold. An increase of 207% compare with the same period last year.

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