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Give Them Refuge

BBH, London / REFUGE / 2016

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This film is designed as a Trojan Horse. It appeared in the facebook feeds of our audience with a ‘clickbait’ style headline promising the audience that they ‘wouldn’t believe what happened next’

Launched on Christmas Eve, a ‘home-imovie’ told the story of children unwrapping presents under the tree. But the scene becomes sinister as an unsettling argument escalates between the children’s parents. As the verbal and physical violence reach a peak and the older child leads her sister away, the screen goes blank and a message is revealed;

750,000 children witness domestic violence each year.

There’s only one gift they really want


share this film and donate online

The film was supported by retargeted Facebook ads which encouraged those who had viewed the video to donate and #givethemrefuge


In order to generate maximum cut through, the film was launched on Christmas Eve, as though it were a genuine home movie of children opening presents under the tree. The work ran for 10 days over the Christmas period as a promoted post in the facebook feeds of those who would find it most impactful; the parents of young children.

In order to drive views, we emulated ‘clickbait’ with a sensationalised headline which promised the viewer that they ‘wouldn’t believe what happened next’.

To maximise impact a final retargeted ad asked viewers to #givethemrefuge with a donation to Refuge

The campaign was supported by a comprehensive PR campaign and coverage across all Refuge’s social media outlets.


Estimated PR reach 42 million

5 minute Sky news interview with Refuge director on Christmas Eve

1.54 million people watched the film within 2 weeks

Completion rate over 32%

25% yoy increase in organic traffic to the Refuge site

917% increase in traffic from Facebook within the campaign period.

Donations increased by 46% yoy during the campaign period

Number of donors increased by 75% during the campaign period

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