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NORD DDB, Stockholm / DAIDALOS / 2018

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We simply delivered 500 kg of Swedish literature classics from Daidalos to the headquarters of The Christian Democrats party by forklift. In that way, we enabled the leader of The Christian Democrats party to study the literature she demanded from immigrants to know about.


The 500 kg of literature was delivered to The Christian Democrats party headquarters by forklift. The whole process was documented in a video and posted in Daidalos social channels the day after the statement from the leader of The Christian Democrats. This created a huge media coverage and forced the party to answer publicly, which they did in a video showing the party leadership sitting down reading quietly. This drew even more attention to the campaign.


The campaign gained enormous attention and was picked up by national television, all major newspapers and hundreds of blogs. The video was also widely spread in social media and on twitter. Five months after the campaign, Daidalos has recieved more interesting manuscripts and two famous writers have contacted them for publication. Daidalos has also noticed that their books are received with greater interest in the cultural sections and are reviewed more often. All in all, the campaign has helped to make Daidalos more profiled as a publisher and has served as a door opener for new collaborations with authors and other key players in the book industry.

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