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The 60-mile long audiobook

NORD DDB, Stockholm / DAIDALOS / 2018

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When the world-famous author Rebecca Solnit was about launch her book Wanderlust on audio, the Swedish publisher Daidalos decided not just to launch another audio audio book. Wanderlust explores the history of walking and the relationship between thinking and walking. To really put this insight to the test for real we released it with one reservation. You had to walk to listen to it. If you stopped, the book stopped. If you went to fast, the book stopped. If you’re where a train? No. You simply had to walk to listen to it.


We created an app which made it possible to listen to Wanderlust - but only when you were walking. The app used the gps and the pedometer in the mobile phone to know that you were moving not too slow and not too fast in order to assure that you were actually walking.

So basically, Wanderlust went from being 470 pages long to being 60-mile long.


The launch of the app drew big attention in media, which created interest not only for the app, but also for the paper version of Wanderlust. The app became a top 10 in it’s genre and made Wanderlust to on of the publisher Daidalos top 3 most selling books.

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