The dark offer

DDB STOCKHOLM, Stockholm / DAIDALOS / 2017

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The Book The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett is a deep dive in the phenomenon commonly known as the Darknet or the deep webb. A part of the internet which is only accessible through encrypted browsers. Darknet is primarily a trading place

for more or less obscure things, legal as illegal. To launch the book, publisher Daidalos used the oldest trick in the publishing business, offering a free bonus product to everyone who bought the book. This time, however, there was no

bathrobe or wine opener. The bonus instead consisted of randomly selected products that were automatically purchased from Darknet's marketplaces by an algorithm. Daidalos didn´t know what kind of products which were actually bought, and nor were the recipients. In this way, the campaign became a concrete and physical experience of what Darknet really is.


The Dark Offer was only launched by a film on Daidalos´ Facebook page and was spread from there. The books with the special offer were sold on a campaign site, where the buyers had to sign and accept the terms by which they took the full responsibility for the unknown bonus products the were about to receive. The bonus products was then bought by an specially designed algorithm which payed in bitcoins from an account set up for the campaign.

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