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FCB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / ZAP / 2017

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We identified three types of adults who are still living with their parents: the son who will only move out when he gets married; the son who keeps studying forever, but never gets a job; and that one who can't look after himself. That way, we created three books inspired in each one of them: Nobody Moved My Cheese, The Fault in our Studies and The Secret of Fitted Sheets, and delivered it to their parents, so they could give it to their children as a hint. The books and the whole campaign were sarcastic and full of hints.


All books could be ordered on the campaign’s website, where parents could also download ebook versions and share hint tidings on their children’s social media. Sarcastic and full of hints, the campaign was launched with a web video and posts targeting parents with children over 25 years old on social media that led to the campaign’s website. The project also counted on another media such as radio, direct media, banners on the ZAP portal and mailing.


The campaign reached more than 18.9 million people since the launch of the microsite, in April 26. We brought 180,000 unique visitors, the amount of 9.000 digital downloads where made, and all the printed versions were out in the first week. In that way, ZAP created the perfect condition for parents to bring that subject on the table in a funny and soft way.

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