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FCB BRASIL , Sao Paulo / ZAP / 2015

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In Brazil, the actions of branded content are concentrated in movies, series, web-series, and sponsorship activations in general. As the most part of the budget companies is concentrated on TV, it's hard to find good examples of innovative branded content. The games themselves are still simplistic when compared to the rest of the world.


On the one hand, there are almost half a million houses for sale in São Paulo, and most of them are empty. On the other hand, there are a lot of new artists who don’t have a place to exhibit their work. So ZAP decided put them together: it created the “Houses in Exhibition”, an art circuit in which empty houses were turned into galleries for beginning artists. ZAP not only could attract more people to know the houses but also gave a chance for the artists. Furthermore, ZAP strengthened the relationship with their consumers, a relationship that used to be predominantly digital.


It’s a win-win situation:

Results until March:

46 participants houses enrolled in the project.

120 artists exhibited their work for the first time.

National and international repercussion.

The average number of visitors increased from 3 to 110 per weekend

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