Cannes Lions

Honda "Made Mean"

RPA, Santa Monica / HONDA / 2017







Opening with a row of completed Honda cars rolling off a production line, the camera pans down to see how the new Civic Hatchback is constructed in a very different way. In this cavernous, cathedral-like environment, a renegade crew of car-assembly robots employ a whole different set of skills as they go about their work. They show mammoth strength, precision and creativity as they lift, assemble and craft their masterpiece. A little of their badass attitude rubs off on the Hatchback as it bursts to life and speeds off the assembly line.


The film required a whole-new level of photo-realism. Only the factory workers were shot in live action. Everything else on screen was created in CGI. We wanted the whole crew of robots to possess their own individual personalities and have recognizable human characteristics. So we looked at all types of bands of brothers, from gangs of oil workers to graffiti artists to Slipknot. The main challenge was to show the car in several different stages of completion while allowing enough time for each bot to show as much of their personality as possible.

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