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Food is a necessity of life but it’s also a social enabler, a marker of identity, a way to make a living, a fuel for emotions, symbolic of cultural tradition, and in Thailand, an ever-present topic of conversation in our daily lives.

Netflix, a leading streaming service with a ground-breaking constant stream of world-class content lives in our screens, and in turn, its content becomes the water-cooler topics in the real world.

There are millions of food related films. But there’s none quite like Netflix’s ‘Hunger’, a culinary film that uncovers the stories behind Thai social issues, class, and inequality through food.

The challenge was to promote ‘Hunger’ in a way that gives potential audiences a taste of the film and make it a topic of conversation in the real world.


Introducing 'Hunger Restaurant' by Netflix, an extraordinary eatery providing a firsthand taste of "inequality." Situated in Bangkok, Hunger Restaurant offered an immersive experience mirroring the film's themes of social issues, class, and inequality. By visiting, audience could get a full taste of the film’s concept that was brought to life through the experience. With a dual-sided dining experience, Fine Dining and Street Food, symbolizing societal disparities, the revelation that both menus share the same chef and ingredients sparks conversations. Accompanied by the message, 'Food is just food. There's no right or wrong. Only you can judge your own hunger,' the restaurant effectively brought the film's themes into the real world.


Netflix transitions from screens to real-life conversations, prompting a need to bridge the gap between on-screen content and reality. Recognizing Netflix's urbanite audience, primarily aged 20 to 40, with a passion for exploration and social media sharing, we aimed to tap into their desire for influence and experiences. While Thailand is celebrated for its culinary delights, social inequality remains overlooked. The challenge was to bring the reality of these issues to the forefront by turning food, a symbol of status, into a medium for discussion. The pièce de résistance was creating an immersive experience, aligning the culinary world with Netflix's 'Hunger,' to provoke conversation and highlight the film's themes beyond screens and into the real world.


Coinciding with the film's release, we established a real-world restaurant in a bustling Bangkok dining precinct, accepting pre-bookings online. The unique establishment, physically divided in half, immersed customers in the world of Netflix's 'Hunger,' meticulously mirroring the film's setting. The Fine Dining side offered a French-themed menu, 'Le Pluernichard,' with upscale service, immersive lighting, and stunning visuals. In contrast, the Street Food side served 'Crybaby Noodles' in a simpler setting. Surprisingly, both menus were crafted by the same chef with identical ingredients. Post-meal, guests received revealing receipts and a thought-provoking message: 'Food is just food. There's no right or wrong. Only you can judge your own hunger.' This experience aimed to make the film's themes tangible, encouraging reflection on societal disparities beyond the screen.


Hunger Restaurant brought the thought-provoking and entertaining content into the real world, not just in conversation but as an immersive experience to amplify the conversation.

Hunger became the No.1 most-watched film in Thailand, and subsequently, No.1 most-watched non-English film on Netflix globally.

In just five days, a total of 2,400 seats were fully booked at the Hunger Restaurant. It generated an impressive 580,151 online conversations, 16 million impressions, and 10.6 million baht in PR value from press outlets all around the world.

Moreover, it delivered 210M impressions and 23M baht PR value. The restaurant ran and was fully booked for two weeks with the press naming it ‘a must visit spot’.

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