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DDB SYDNEY, Sydney / MCDONALD'S / 2010

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McDonald’s wanted to communicate to adults who rarely paid them a visit.

For them, McDonald’s held few emotional ties, and only offered convenience.These people had grown apart from Macca’s. We needed to re-engage them.The insight was that most adults, regardless of whether they still go to McDonald’s, have fond memories of it from their youth.So, we decided to build an adult-sized Playland to make them feel like kids again.


Once constructed, the Playland had a height of 32 feet, a weight of more than 15 tonnes, and a footprint of over 4,500 square feet.It incorporated modern design with a retro twist. Contemporary tubes and bubbles complemented old school pieces such as a Ronald bench, Grimace cage, Fillet-O-Fish bouncers, Officer Big Mac sign, ball pit and Hamburglar swing.Positioning these retro pieces around the perimeter made the Playland look accessible, and invited people to play. Putting a fence up was out of the question.


Grown-ups came before work, after work and during their lunch breaks to slide, swing or just take it all in.

The Playland let adults engage with McDonald’s in a way they hadn’t for years: They had fun – and lots of it.

People see i’m lovin’ it in all our ads. This time they felt it.

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