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KING JAMES, Cape Town / SANTAM / 2012






Santam is South Africa’s biggest and most reputable short-term insurer. To relaunch the brand and reaffirm their stature and leadership, we wanted to set up the Santam way of doing proper insurance that leaves no doubt. Every day there are more insurance offerings out there and too many people buy the cheapest insurance they can find without checking the details, the company’s reputation or fine print properly – much to their detriment when making a claim. We wanted to put back the value and integrity that the industry has lost and remind people that to properly protect the things they value, attention needs to be paid to the quality of their cover and challenge them to question and scrutinise their insurance.


To deliver the stature we wanted to create for the brand, Oscar winner, Sir Ben Kingsley, was recruited to ask tough questions that no-one’s asked about the insurance industry in South Africa and ultimately the kind of questions we wanted consumers to ask before buying insurance. The campaign was designed to stand out from the clutter of the insurance category and spread across all mediums including TV, cinema, outdoor, digital, print and radio.


The campaign was a huge success and cemented Santam as the market leader that offers 100% solid and proper insurance. Some measurable results were: • PR value exceeded media spend in first 3 weeks after launch. 2.5m media spend versus 3m free PR.

• More than 45,000 online impressions (fb & twitter) in the first month after launch.• Number of policies sold increased by 164% in the first 7 months.• Santam was voted one of the top 5 Brand Winners of 2011.• Only financial services brand to feature amongst top 5 TV commercials for 2011.• Number of job applications at Santam increased by 500%.• 94% of staff and broker responses post launch was positive.• According to Adtrack all 'liking and noting' results for the Santam campaign significantly outperformed industry norms and averages.• Highest ever 'liking' score for a Santam campaign.

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