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OMD, Dusseldorf / INTEL / 2013

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Implementing a branded event in a public space in Germany comes with several obstacles, limitations and authorization processes. Especially using historical and well-known buildings located in the city center (as used in the campaign), we required the approval of approximately 5-10 administrative bodies. The different authorities announce requirements the event has to fulfill, including sound exposure restrictions, security requirements, crowd handling plans, emergency plans, exact installation schedules, etc. Each city has its own regulations and restrictions, therefore authorization processes vary and are time consuming.


In front of tens of thousands of spectators, we placed the Ultrabooks with the Intel processors in front of heavy opponents: the largest and most well-known buildings in eight cities throughout Germany. Buildings so massive, it would take tonnes of explosives to shake them. Truly invincible.

The Intel Core Processors dominated these buildings and they dismantled their stony opponents into their individual pixels and created something completely new. Welcome to the Intel Ultrabook 3D Tour!

In each city of the Intel Ultrabook 3D Tour light artists and DJs put on live improvisations onto the cities landmarks. The Intel Core Processors computed the show in real-time using 30 high performance projectors, bringing the heavy building facades to their knees with visual fireworks.

Processing power at its best, without tricks and live in front of a huge crowd of witnesses – the biggest mobile live 3D show in the world!


The Ultrabook 3D Tour, an amazing audio-visual live experience, generated approximately 170,7m media and PR impressions, and brought an outstanding 3D mapping experience to 8 cities throughout Germany and Austria. In combination with the thrilling live sounds of international music acts, over 110,000 visitors on site were enchanted by this unique experience presented by Intel.

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