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iPhone 12: Blast past fast

APPLE, Cupertino / APPLE / 2021

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Last fall, millions of people all over the world flocked to for their first look at the superfast new iPhone 12. With 5G speed and the fastest chip ever in a smartphone, it’s a total powerhouse, full of all kinds of amazing new features and capabilities.

Our creative brief was to communicate the blistering speed of iPhone 12 and help people understand how its advanced tech can instantly make their lives better.

So to generate excitement around the launch of iPhone 12 and quickly convey the benefits of the new features, we built a fast, colorful, snappy site that tells the product story in fun, efficient, inviting way.

As one of the most prominent pages on, the iPhone 12 product page has a truly global reach — visible in 108 countries, and translated into 31 languages.


iPhone 12 is ridiculously fast. So we wanted to build a site as speedy and snappy as the phone itself.

It had to be a quick read because the people who want this phone aren’t necessarily tech-obsessed pros dying to know all the specs. They just want to know what iPhone 12 can do and why it matters to them.

The audience is quite varied — ranging from serious photographers to teenagers to grandparents to iPhone newbies who may not know an iOS from an IOU. Our site had to speak to all of them, conveying the incredible power of iPhone 12, while making its advanced tech feel fun, approachable, and relevant.

The result is a succinct, playful site that uses visual storytelling to draw viewers down the page — delivering all the information they need, and nothing they don’t.


iPhone 12 is fast, fun, and colorful, and these traits inspired our site design.

Using a carefully crafted mix of gorgeous photography, clean design and typography, clever writing, vibrant videos and animations, staccato cuts, and swift transitions, we brought the product story to life seamlessly across all platforms.

There’s a surprise in every scroll. From the way the “Hello 5G” animation blooms into our beautiful hero image. To the smooth side-by-side comparison of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. To the quick cuts flashing all five finishes. To the satisfying way the type snaps together in the headline “Everything just clicks.” Every pixel has a purpose.

The tasteful integration of creative technology took our design to the next level, giving the site a lively quality that feels snappy yet sophisticated. We also put viewers in control, with video and animation tied to scroll for a richer interactive experience.


Every iPhone launch is a big deal around the world. And by all accounts, the iPhone 12 site was a huge success. We saw a whopping 69% increase in site engagement year over year. And an impressive 42% of visitors advanced to checkout.

Not only did the site get a lot of traffic, it also got a lot of love on social media.

“Simply impeccable. What a pleasure to read/look at [drool emoji],” tweeted one fan.

“Scrolling through [the site] simply makes me want one bad,” raved another. “The design and implementation is off the chart.”

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