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ITC Vivel and Blush collaborate with movie "Padman" to enable access to sanitary

ITC, Kolkata / ITC FOODS / 2018

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The video titled ‘Shopping List’ starts out with the reading of what seems like an innocuous shopping list to most people. But it soon turns confusing as it goes on to include items you wouldn’t commonly find on your grocery list. Through this creative device, the video sought do draw attention to the unusual items which double up as unsafe sanitary substitutes for millions of resource-poor women in India. Leaving them at immense health risks while menstruating every month.


ITC Vivel and digital channel Blush collaborated with the star cast of the movie ‘Padman’ to raise awareness on the issue. A thought-provoking video sought to encourage viewers into positive action by contributing 400 INR (~6 USD) towards a year-long supply of sanitary pads for one woman.

The video, released on Facebook and YouTube, directed contributors to a donation page on crowdfunding platform Ketto, where contributions were accepted during the campaign period between 1st February 2018 and 2nd April 2018.

The video was promoted minimally, but also received a fair share of organic engagement, especially through the social influence of the Bollywood stars who shared the video via their personal profiles (over 38 million followers on Twitter alone).


• Raised over 2.3 million INR towards providing year-long access to sanitary hygiene for 7000 women

• Over 3 million views on Social Media (2.6mn+ on Facebook and 0.5 mn+ on YouTube)

• Reach: 6.6 mn on Facebook

• Engagement: 57.3k likes, shares and comments on Facebook - with an engagement rate of ~0.87%

• Twitter: The message reached over 38 million followers of the stars Sonam Kapoor & Akshay Kumar

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