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This ad is part of the grocery chain's effort to help people eat a little better everyday.

After having moved audiences everywhere with « L’amour l’amour », lntermarché intends on re-awakening those cherished childhood memories for the Christmas season. ln the same spirit as Proust's famous description of his treasured madeleine, lntermarché is celebrating the artichoke, because the brand's goal remains unchanged: to help you eat a little better every day.


When a young boy realizes Christmas is in jeopardy because Santa Claus is too large to fit down the chimney, he decides, with the help of his big sister, to tackle the problem. Working right up to the big day, the siblings toil away to make sure Santa eats better. Each day they prepare small meals using lntermarché's products for the jolly old elf in the hopes of saving Christmas. What the two lack in talent, they make up for in adorability. Will their plan work? One thing is certain: they'll come out of the experience closer than ever.


When it comes to food, the Christmas season is all about excess, never-ending meals, fat food, sugar, foie gras, wine, deserts, liqueurs…especially in France. So how do you make it culturally and contextually acceptable and relevant for a brand like Intermarché to talk about how they can help you eat a little better ? You invent a Christmas tale. Indeed, anything is acceptable and charming if it comes out of a child’s imagination.


The film was seen 12 million times on Facebook and Twitter with an engagement rate of 3% (three times the average).

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