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Today, a French citizen consumes an average of 70 grams of sugar per day, which is the equivalent of 14 coffee spoons. The WHO recommends to reduce our free sugar intake down to 25 daily grams. In other words - by more than a half. Diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases: this sugar overconsumption can trigger many health problems. For the past few years, health experts and medias are pulling the alarm bell and pointing out the addictive effect of sugar.

But even though this overconsumption is at the core of the French preoccupations, only a few solutions are offered to help them change their habits.

Intermarché is the only French retailer to produce its goods in its own production units in France. In order to launch and explain its new marketing strategy «Producteur Commerçant» («Farmer/Retailer») in France, Intermarché is looking for actions wich prove this competitive edge.


From the cups to the prints, including the packaging, all the elements of the campaign were designed to illustrate the concept of SUGAR DETOX with a panel of colors used to show the sugar decrease and the different sugar rates.

On each cup of the pack, you actually have a unique SUGAR DETOX logo and unique sugar rate with its particular color on the stickers. That way, you will easily get the cup you need to follow your program. The concept is also clearly expressed on the packaging with the patterns on the top (from the darker to the lighter), the different recipes on the back with the sugar rate as the only one difference between each cup !

All the items of the campaign (prints, in store promotions, TV spot, flyers, outdoor, social media...) express the concept of SUGAR DETOX with the different colors and its adaptation on the catch phrases.

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