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FCB INTERFACE, Mumbai / ATSS / 2019

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ATSS (Active Total Security Systems) is a security solutions provider with over 16 years of experience. They approached us with a brief for a large-scale campaign but with a low media budget which would demonstrate how their enhanced and sophisticated security systems worked. The objective was to create visually appealing creatives which would tickle the viewer’s brain, as well as strike a chord aesthetically. And consequently, increase awareness about the brand and its services.


ATSS provides total security solutions, meaning their surveillance system (CCTV cameras) is linked with their alarm systems (intruders set off alarms as soon as they are spotted) ensuring that immediate action is also taken. We decided to show the effectivity of this perfectly synchronized and integrated system across three creatives that covered key business touch points which include the residential customer, businesses and correctional facilities.


We arrived at our thought from the insight that when we are tired we are least alert. We brought the idea to life by demonstrating a pulley system wherein the moment the eye at one end opens, the door at the other end shuts, immediately securing the whole setting.

The pulley system presented itself as the most effective device to demonstrate the working of ATSS’s security system. We were inspired by the wonderful world of automata toy art (self-acting robots). Sketches were made, 3D models were created, characters were developed, and the entire universe of our campaign was given a plastic toy texture in the final detailing.


We released the campaign in multiple cities across India, in via static and digital posters in strategic locations like electronic shops, outside banks, in supermarkets, etc. The visually appealing nature of the ads caught the eye of bystanders in outdoor mediums, making people stop in their tracks and admire not only the aesthetics but also the thought behind the creatives, achieving the objectives stated in the brief. We reached out to a wide cross section of society, increasing awareness about the brand and making it a talking point among people.

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