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Puberty is a challenging time for girls--physical/emotional changes lead over half to lose confidence. The point when a girl gets her first period marks the lowest point of girls' confidence throughout their teenage years.

In June 2016, #LikeAGirl–'Keep Playing' launched across 42 markets, continuing Always’ mission to make puberty a moment that propels girls into confident womanhood. Shockingly, 7/10 girls felt they didn't belong in sports, leading half to quit at puberty. But, women are twice as likely to be confident if they play sports. So, this iteration of our campaign encouraged girls to keep playing sports, because doing so would boost their confidence.

Who says sports aren't for girls? Always’ says girls can play any game, on any field!

The Olympics served as a powerful world stage, helping power the girls’ confidence movement to new heights while establishing the campaign as a sustained cultural/societal movement.


We seeded out our hero 60’’ video, launching it on June 28th in 42 markets, across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and PR. Then, in a #LikeAGirl first we broadened our reach & relevancy by pushing the film on TV & cinema across July and August, reaching new audiences and delivering even bigger impact. #LikeAGirl Keep Playing exceeded 50% reach in 7 of our top 10 markets for the first time ever.

When the conversations were heating up around the Olympics in August ‘16 , with the support of >30 Olympians, Always’ rallied girls to Keep Playing #LikeAGirl across social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). These market relevant Olympic sports stars helped to build trust and authenticity whilst further amplify Always’ message. The paid promotion of key pieces of ambassador focused content, increased engagement.

Retail integrations around the world brought social purpose to point-of-sale giving thousands of girls access to sports equipment/encouragement/opportunity.


•Video achieved >200 million views across the world, reaching >50% of women across top-5 markets.

•1,300+ earned media placements/12.6 billion media impressions globally--stories in Huffington Post,, Mashable

• The campaign was rated the #1 Ad not featuring Olympians by Ace Metrix

•Influencer content posted online secured significantly higher engagement rate vs. FMCG owned content, with 12% engagement rate, +11pts vs. FMCG average

•Post-campaign research

--94% girls/young women agree Always #LikeAGirl has encouraged girls to be more confident.

--70% of women now agree young girls would be more confident if they were encouraged to play sports (+13% vs. pre-campaign).

--Campaign encouraged +16% more 16/17-year-olds to play sports

•Always led the successful effort to bring about creation of 44 new emojis authentically representing 'girl power'--including numerous girl athletes

•Most important, 76% of girls today have a positive association with the formerly insulting phrase “Like a Girl" vs. only 19% when the campaign began.

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