Cannes Lions

La Pursuit

BBDO NEW YORK, New York / BACARDI / 2017

Demo Film






We see a man peering across the horizon. He points at a flying Goose. The Goose is the cue he needed. There, in an open field behind the tree there is a gigantic zeppelin. The group pulls themselves on board. The pursuit is on.

The zeppelin stops next to the tip a snowy mountain and collects ice for a drink. They also pick up a projector from an old movie theater.

The night is coming. The zeppelin approaches a large bank of clouds. A beam of light gets projected from the tip of the zeppelin, hitting the surface of the cloud. We realize they are using the clouds as a screen to project a vintage French noir film.

The Goose flies right in front of the cloud-screen. He commander sees it and spin the command wheel; the zeppelin slowly turns toward that direction, pursuing the Goose again.


Shooting in Argentina during the day, and turning it into France and into the night was just the first of the challenges. We also had to develop a modern version of a Zeppelin, entirely on CG. With enough details for close interaction with the actors and that could plausibly fly.

Working for 8 weeks and a huge VFX team we created a whole world where an incredible flying machine could actually project a movie in the clouds.

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