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Lifebouy's Infection Alert System

MINDSHARE, Jakarta / UNILEVER / 2018

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Lifebuoy is dedicated to being the number one health brand in Indonesia. Their goal is to be a mother’s most trusted advisor when it comes to keeping her family’s health safe. Protection and prevention from illness is in Lifebuoy’s brand DNA.

During Indonesia’s rainy season, poor sewage infrastructure results in an abundance of neighborhood flooding. These floods cause various health issues for families.

Lifebuoy set out to develop a solution that would help families during these floods and that would help increase Lifebuoy’s efficacy in germ protection and strengthen the brand’s credibility versus its main competitor.


By Partnering with Klikdokter and IDI gave Lifebuoy two advantages. First, we had access to their first party data that gave us information on any disease outbreak that might occur in any city in Indonesia.Secondly, Klikdokter had a library of useful medical content.

We could repurpose this content as our call to action for the different dynamic creatives. If our data showed that the area of Ancol was at risk for Dengue Fever, not only could we notify mothers of this fact, but we could direct them to content that would help prepare their families.

We relied on our mobile partner to pull together all of these triggers to power our Infection Alert System.This enabled the different variations of the ads to be delivered automatically.

This was a year-long campaign, as January and February and October to December are the months where floods are at the highest risk in Indonesia.

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