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First launched in the U.S. in January 2017, LIFEWTR is a purpose-driven premium water brand committed to advancing emerging artists on a global stage. LIFEWTR fuses inspiration and purpose with the hydration experience. Several times a year, LIFEWTR launches a new series focused on a topical conversation in culture that spotlights three new emerging artists. LIFEWTR has a uniquely human-centered focus, believing that artists are critical to the advancement and prosperity of our society at large. We believe the arts nurture “whole brain thinkers,” which in turn, creates new jobs, drives innovation, and paves cultural understanding that is critical to flourishing societies. Design is at the heart of the brand, foremost on the bottle, and in how it communicates at every touchpoint, through artists, storytelling, and at live events.


With every new series launch, LIFEWTR spotlights three new emerging artists. The curation of each series focuses on a broad and relevant cultural topic meant to spark conversation. Speaking to the power of ‘Arts in Education,’ Series 4 focused on the significance of access to art in schools. LIFEWTR Series 5: Art Beyond Borders, celebrated the power of cultural connections. For Series 6: Diversity in Design, LIFEWTR highlighted how diverse perspectives enhance our collective cultural experience.

The target audience for LIFEWTR is a large cohort: those who are thirsting for inspiration, connection, meaning, and community. The brand was developed to speak to a new kind of consumer who values experiences and personal connection to brands in a world with a rapidly shifting landscape. Many of these consumers reside in urban centers, but the brand has a ripple effect that extends beyond this reach, by connecting to all who seek inspiration.


LIFEWTR executes its brand strategy through the release of new series, live events, artist advancement (via gallery shows/presentations) and digital storytelling, as well as earned media and through consumer-shared content. These campaign elements combined drive the brand in an unconventional way as it grows organically, not through paid media. A robust ecosystem covers everything from point of sale and instore signage to merchandising, sampling and activations. At a global level, the brand focuses on a specific cultural theme, but each market brings it to life in a hyper-local way: local artists, bottle design, credibility partners, and curators. LIFEWTR first launched in the U.S. and the brand’s success was proved over the last two years. LIFEWTR is now in the midst of a global rollout in key markets: North American expansion into Canada, Latin America starting with Mexico, as well as UK and other global markets.


LIFEWTR is tremendously successful and deeply resonates with the U.S. market. LIFEWTR’s brand equity is tied to its cultural impact, by expanding the audience beyond water consumers to connect hydration with a specific and purposeful point of view—sparking insightful conversations that lead to an emotional connection with the brand.

LIFEWTR is one of the largest U.S. launches in liquid refreshment beverage (LRB) in PepsiCo history, with a +42.6% growth increase in its second year. LIFEWTR is the number one growth driver in the premium water category, accounting for 25% of the category, and is also number three among premium water brands. With an 80% earned media share, LIFEWTR has redefined standards when it comes to purpose-driven marketing. (Source: IRI Worldwide Syndicated Data)

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