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358, Helsinki / NORWEGIAN AIR / 2014

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The Christmas Eve newspaper is widely read in Finland because it is the last issue to come out before the holiday season – it has all the traffic information, opening hours tv programs, etc. We wanted to thank Finns for the "greatest gift ever" with an execution that would stand out – and bring a smile to their faces. Since we only used a single ad, we wanted to create something that would expand its audience beyond the newspaper. Thus, we created the ad that doubled as last-minute Christmas wrapping. Based on number of shares and talk in social media and blogs, we succeeded in gaining the attention of Finns very well.


The idea was to place a single ad in the media and then let people who see it deliver the message further in social media. This cost-efficient strategy worked extremely well. Based on the sharing in social media and people being excited about it, we got both the attention we wanted and got Finns talking. At the same time, we could highlight being chosen as Finland's favourite air service – quite a feat for a low-cost airline.

(Unfortunately, we don't have the statistics on how many 'last-minute' gifts were actually wrapped in our ad!)

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