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MAC Cosmetics, Footfall Increase with Programmatic OOH


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On the DOOH screens we’ve used global campaign video and static images from local shootings of lips colored by Retro Matte with a text layer below containing location information (which floor) of the store and call to actions. Through out the campaign we’ve used 3 different call to actions.

1.Generic:‘’We are waiting for you to find the appropriate color”

2.Free Demo:‘’We are waiting you for free mini make up application’’

3.Promo:“2 for 1 on Retro Matte”

Being one of the first programmaticly bought DOOH campaigns in Turkey and first of its kind as optimizing the DOOH airings according to footfall and sales realtime we’ve executed a innovative media first. We’ve applied our digital background know how and tactics of a Out of Home usage by tracking conversions in store and optimizing media buyings realtime according to the effectivenes of different variables like time, location, creative and message(call to action).


We’ve focussed on two popular shopping mall on Istanbul (Kanyon, Zorlu Center) where we can buy the DOOH inventory through programmatic and MAC Stores have Shoppertrak setup that can measure foot traffic.We’ve integrated foot traffic and sales data of these stores with DSP on a dashboard where we can analyze and optimize our buyings on,day of the week and time of the day.While analyzing each mall’s visitor timings thanks to programmatic buying method which helped us to focus on the peak times within the budget. For example,Kanyon’s peak hours are lunch time in weekdays as its a close point to business centers.

We’ve optimized creative variations according to store performance during airing times also used different call to action on tactics like,using Free Demo CTA on low traffic hours for store staff to concentrate on the makeup application and using more Promo CTA on peak hours to create quick sales.


During the campaign on both stores had significant results on sales. Sharp increase in Zorlu store traffic (23% from previous week) and Sales (35% from previous week).

Kanyon has +6470% sales growth in October when we compare with the last year. There is +15,4% growth in mix of business through the campaign. (last year:0,1%).

Zorlu has +1284% sales growth in October when we compare with the last year. There is +10,6% growth in mix of business through the campaign. (last year:1,0%).

The sales results of the Retro Matte Lipstick category (on both online and offline) there has been increasing on units of sale (%2856) and revenue (%2039). While Retro Matte’s share of sales was %1 last year on October, its increased to %14 on October this year.

With huge of sales amount, Kanyon had the sales record on 30th October. Also was stock out on this product in stores.

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