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Mariela's Dream

McCANN LIMA, Lima / LAN / 2016

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Even though the program had reached more than 350 children throughout the years, people didn’t have much awareness of it and didn’t attribute it to Lan.

This time, we decided to have a more intimate and profound look through the eyes of Mariela, a beautiful girl from Cusibamba, a tiny, remote and almost magical Andean village in the province of Cusco.

Mariela loves to sing and like an unforgettable old time movie, she climbs almost everyday the hill that borders the village and from there she dreams of singing directly to the clouds.

What a great chance for Mariela to achieve her dream and sing up in the sky personally to the clouds as she sees them through the windows of a LAN airplane.


We needed to tell the story of Mariela, who needed a pair of wings to fulfill her dream of singing among the clouds.

On February 15, 2016 Lan Arlines took Mariela to the top of the sky, giving her the chance to fulfill her dream. We saw her excitement and felt it too, as every other person on that flight. We documented all of it, from the moment we got to meet get to the moment she got to achieve her dream.

The video went viral, passing the million views in the first 4 days. People around the world fell in love with the story by winning free impact media. The video step out of social networks to the screen on all flights of LAN Airlines.

Mariela inspired thousands of children in the world to keep dreaming and believing that nothing is unachievable when you let your imagination.


The campaign results exceeded expectations.

The video exceeded one million views in the first 4 days.

Mora than 70% of engagement in Lan Social media

Negative comments that where usually received on the page were overshadowed and Lan started to receive thousands of congratulations and positive comments and shares from people moved by it.

Awareness: Almost 2 million Peruvians learned about the efforts made by the “Kids that dream, kids that fly” program.

Today the airline has a much better public image and has even received requests from people who want voluntarily to help fulfill dreams of more Peruvian children

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