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MARTINI in the Moment

OMD, London / BACARDI / 2018

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As an Italian brand, MARTINI inspires audiences to embrace the famous Italian joy of living (or ‘gioia di vivere’) that focuses on moments.

We wanted to take the idea to the next level and literally place ‘MARTINI in the Moment’. Not just through traditional media but creating timely, relevant, personal and real-time communications; just like their mobile behaviour demands. We created simple content that lives on a small screen, showcasing MARTINI's place in chic Italian culture and helping consumers uncover the trending spots in town.

The message was focused on the MARTINI & Tonic serve, making it the first choice of the night. We publicised MARTINI’s presence in influencer bars, where we knew our audience would want to go. These bars appeared in the creative, then we provided the audience with a "click to directions" button through a smart Google Maps integration so they could easily locate the nearest one.


To reach people where they connect with the trade and where the perfect serve is; we leveraged the benefits of geo-location technology, real-time data injection and buyable audiences combined with a dynamic creative solution.

1) We started by analysing consumer data in each of our five markets and developing bespoke audience segments.

2) We then defined key signals that impact going out behaviour - day of week, weather, F1 race presence, location, closest bars in the area - and created rules to direct dynamic content.

3) We integrated the campaign with the wider MARTINI experiential, sponsorship, and Out Of Home activities.

4) With customer marketing teams, we prioritised 170 trending bars that would deliver the ultimate MARTINI experience.

5) All of the parameters above shaped an innovative, custom, multi-faceted dynamic display solution; utilising Google products in ways never been done before.

Within three months of the campaign, we created over 10,000 unique messages, optimised over 100 different parameters, ran over 11 tests and worked with 55+ stakeholders to bring a perfect MARTINI & Tonic to people in over 40 towns and cities in Europe.


• Over 38 million impressions.

• 119,000 socialites clicked to discover best bars to enjoy MARTINI & Tonic

• Even better, over 30% chose to follow MARTINI on maps to the nearest MARTINI venue - three times exceeding location campaign benchmarks.

Importantly this is powering an ongoing commitment to mobile with business, consumer behaviour and creative effectiveness insights being continually fed into the wider communications strategy:

• Informing media D(OOH) and trade planning to focus on bars along the coast and tourist destinations.

• Guiding the creative strategy, because we know that people want to ‘Invite friends. Or make a new ones’.

• Allowing focus on product that drives thirst – MARTINI Bianco.

More scale, more bars, more mobile, more MARTINI & Tonic in 2018.

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