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MOBEXT , Boston / MCDONALD'S / 2012






McDonald's NY co-op needed to prove itself as more than a “burger joint,” promoting McCafé as a legitimate beverage provider in a beverage battleground filled with well-established competition.Daily beverage outings satisfy more than thirst, they also fulfil a social/emotional need. New Yorkers are trendsetters, but also efficient – they ‘make things happen.’ We learned that consumers in New York are unified in this “New York” mentality, but within the region’s nine metro areas, there is a palpable pride in where they live, so we engaged New Yorkers to “toast” McDonald’s and enhance the “happening” experience of living in the NY area.We created an integrated multi-channel engagement model around a New Yorker's active day. “Toast Your Town” provided people an outlet to show civic pride while creating a user-generated brand experience for McDonald’s to differentiate itself. McCafé beverages were showcased by “toasting” New York in a friendly competition to win McCafé parties. Mobile advertising targeted commuters as their days began, outdoor and radio reached people at the beverage decision point – on their walk, drive, or ride.Post a Toast live’ let Twitter users tweet their toast to the world. Residents served as on-air personalities, reading live toasts, and adding in their own feedback and conversational flavour. Toasts were viewed and shared on a microsite. Digital Media drove users to a McDonald’s branded micro-site showcasing live video of tweeted toasts.

Promoted tweets and @McNYTriState Twitter handle fed the conversation and spread the message. Facebook ads targeted McDonald’s fans, food & beverage lovers, and competitors’ fans in the area, promoting awareness, and driving traffic.

To drive in-store traffic, when consumers checked into Foursquare at McDonald’s, they also checked-in to support the area. The geography with the most check-ins won a “Summer Party,” with free McCafé beverages at all local McDonald’s. Mobile extensions helped users locate the nearest McDonald’s, vote for their favorite McCafé beverage, and download wallpaper.“Toast Your Town” changed users’ perceptions of McCafé:•Mobile generated 9,478 check-ins via foursquare, +29% increase during contest period•McCafé summer party generated 1,629 check-ins•Increased @McNYTriState Twitters followers +46% to 12,000!

•Promoted tweets drove 6,429 profile views to @McNYTriState•Followers +700%; 85% conversion of viewers becoming followers •483 user tweets toasted their region and favourite McCafé Beverage•+1,200 replies/ retweets, +100% pre-promotion average •+20% awareness of McDonald’s as beverage destination (2011 Vizu study)

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