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Lenovo is one of the leaders in sales of smart devices both in the world and in Ukraine.

It communicates intellectual achievement and productivity in everything.

But at a time when people need positive emotions, Lenovo Ukraine has shown itself in a new, more human way. The brand has decided to change the emphasis from power and modernity to sincere emotions and care, which is not typical of the category.

Today, most of us work at home, and Lenovo wanted to make the work of its customers comfortable even there. Many situations have become typical for us: children, neighbors… And there are cats among them. They like to sleep on the keyboard. This is a distraction, because the owners love them and, of course, do not drive them away. In addition, the fur and weight of the cat are harmful to the device.


Lenovo's mission is to be a brand of smart technology for everyone.

That's why we created an alternative functional device for cats — a MeowBook laptop.

Do you want your pet to stay with you, while you’re working, but not distract?

Place a MeowBook next to your laptop and connect a USB heater to keep your pet comfortable.

Now you both have the most productive day!


To convey our extraordinary idea of ??Meowbook Lenovo - a laptop for cats, we targeted on a wide audience of potential laptop and PC users. To effectively share this idea and create demand, we used the viral mechanisms of social networks and traditional mass media. However, since the product was so original and unusual that we took the risk of minimizing media costs and building knowledge organically and absolutely free of charge through a network of internet influencers and a popular TV show. It is the uniqueness of the product that made it possible to achieve such a wide coverage and distribution among our audience.

Also, we wanted to highlight the discovered "problem" of a cat-laptop and decided to create a prize drawing at social networks for a photo-proof of how a cat interferes with work, having occupied a user's laptop. The Meowbook itself was the prize.


We managed to create not just a toy for PR, but a full-fledged functional device.

We talked to zoologists and learned why cats fit on the keyboard at all.

They are attracted by the warmth and massage effect of the keys.

MeowBook has a heating device, felt cover and MeowPad, which "rustles" under the cat, like keys.

It also has a "gaming" mouse, anti-slip feet, holes to put mint and more.

It opens and closes comfortably, like a normal laptop.

Like any Lenovo product, MeowBook is stylish and modernly minimalistic.

But at the same time it looks so cute, that you want to share it on social media.

Lenovo presented the first limited edition of the device with the help of bloggers and social media activation: people shared photos of their cats on the keyboard and tagged Lenovo to win MeowBook.


Lenovo's appearance was surprising, because it is unusual for the whole category in general, not only in Ukraine. The giant brand, which usually talks about the future and ambitions, took care of the comfort of users at home and relationships with loved ones. That's why new Lenovo fans have appeared among those who do not follow the technology and use it in a pragmatic way.

Influencers told about MeowBook, news about it quickly spread on the Internet, it was presented on popular national TV Show. People who don't have cats posted other people's photos to win a MeowBook.

Lenovo has entered the territory of care, so new fans have appeared among the general auditory. In the first 2 weeks, the campaign totalled 9,5M impressions. Out of stock in the first week.

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