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Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini

XIAOMI, Beijing / XIAOMI / 2019

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Mi Bluetooth headset is a low-profile product that targets the lower end of the sports headset market. The retail price for the product is €10 in China. The overall packaging budget was limited to about €0.6. So it is the designer’s task to add some attractive elements to its packaging and make it outstanding from the shelves.


As the target audiences are 18 to 29 year-olds, the design should make the products most close to the trendy of young's culture. In current China, the young generation has a rage for animation, comic and game. They spontaneously create a lot of trending content that personified objects into livelily characters. To make this low-profit product more easier to approach young generation, our design strategy is to imbue a product with personality and to visually personify the product.


The design of the product is quite minimalistic, with only a circular button on the shell.

To make it more interesting, we use images of famous musicians in the packaging, contributing to a personification of the product: the oval shape becomes the head, and the button becomes an open mouth. This creates the image of a composer passionately singing or vigorously conducting an orchestra, giving voice to an otherwise low-profile product, at the same time highlighting its design element.


Musical, romantic, yet at the same time humorous, the packaging really brings out the personality of the product.

By January 2019, the product sold about 480,000 units in Chinese market.

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