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Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Mini

XIAOMI, Beijing / XIAOMI / 2019

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Mi Bluetooth headset is a low-profile product that targets the lower end of the sports headset market. The retail price for the product is €12.9 in China. The overall packaging budget was limited to about €0.6. So it is the designer’s task to add some attractive elements to its packaging and make it outstanding from the shelves.


As the target audiences are 18 to 29 year-olds, the design should make the products most close to the trendy of young's culture. In current China, for phone chatting, the young generation use a lot of picture formed emoji to chat to each other, instead of typing words. To make this low-profit product more easier to approach young generation, our design strategy is to use the language of the younger generation to appeal to them – emoji comes to mind.


Emoji is an amazing way of communication – a single emoji can encompass so many different meanings. From a distance the shell of the headset are just blocks of black, but it can also be viewed as the eyes of an emoji icon; similarly the controller becomes the mouth. With additional decorations and colors, the packagings become emoji icons with different emotions.


The packaging makes an otherwise low-profile product much more interesting, and much easier to resonate with its young users.

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