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Mizuno Half Pair

OVERMAN, Seoul / MIZUNO / 2017

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The idea is from the insight that people love gifts, especially for free and with a surprise. So we delivered the gift by post without any notice. Imagine you were the person got the surprising gift box. Suddenly, you received the box on which some suspicious message was written, “OOOPS, half of the gift has not come” Then you opened it, found just a half a pair of running shoes inside it.

Afterwards you notice a message that reads:

“Do you remember the last Mizuno marathon? That’s why you’re selected as a lucky runner getting Mizuno Wave Rider for free! The record was not because of your fault, running without Mizuno shoes. This will make you finish faster next time. If you want the other half, upload a photo shot of this half pair box with #?????? (#Mizunohalfpair in Korean) on your SNS and come to the store, 3rd September.


_ Collected 200 brand new Mizuno Wave Rider 19.

_ Designed and produced simple shoes box made of recycled paper with witty message and dummy paper space inside.

_ Delivered by post to 200 recipients in 22nd~26th August.

_ Decorated the store where the event was held with posters and installation.

_ Opened pop-up store on 3rd September in famous street, Hongdae, in Seoul.


_ The mention of the brand, “Mizuno" increased 154% on Facebook and Instagram compared to the previous month

_ The uploaded posts by receivers reached 28,812 followers and got 2,530 likes or hearts, which was a relatively huge buzz, considering the number of recipients were only 200.

_ 80% of recipients came to the store on the event day

_ The sales of the date soared 150% because they did not only get the other half for free but also bought other items, jacket, top, socks, etc.

_ More important point is they noticed where the brand’s store was. They would drop by the store whenever they need new sports gear.

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