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More Than A Song

IMPACT BBDO, Dubai / LAY'S / 2023

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Lay’s Maxx was launching 3 new flavors and a newly developed formula giving their product more crunch and flavor, turning it into more than a snack. The brand was looking for a way to get the largest number of Saudi people to try the new products. But more-than-a-snack calls for more-than-a-regular-taste-test. We needed to come up with an idea that would push everyone to try Lay’s Maxx.


More than a snack calls for more than a regular way to taste it. Forget about pass-arounds, this taste test will allow consumers to be featured on a remixed version of a locally famous song. Since this product has more crunch, the crunch itself is louder. Loud enough to make a beat. So we invited everyone in Saudi to come and record their crunch in different music booths placed in high footfall areas around the country. Each trial meant a new unique crunch sound. Each trial meant a feature on the remixed track.


Lay’s Maxx targets Gen Z, a generation that is more interested in acts, not ads. They want to experience a brand’s universe rather than read or hear about it online.

The best way to try a product of this category is still to taste it. We decided to elevate the taste test experience, turning it into a collective experience rather than an individual one.


We started by designing and creating soundproofed music studios booths. After implementing them in different high footfall areas around Saudi, we invited people to come and be part of a remixed version of a locally famous song. Each consumer would then enter the booth, crunch on a chip, and have this crunch recorded and saved. These crunches were then shared with an up-and-coming local singer who used the crunch sounds to create a beat that was then layered onto a track.


More than 250,000 consumers visited our recording booths and took part in this activation. More than 8,000 unique crunches that were recorded by our consumers were then selected to remix the song and create a singular beat. Once the song was released, it skyrocketed to the #1 spot on the Middle East’s largest music platform, Anghami.

The brand also observed a 30% increase in sales following the booth implementation and release of the song.

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