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MTN Dew Real Change Challenge

OMD, New York / MTN DEW / 2023

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Despite 83% of Black teens identifying as gamers (compared to 71% of White teens), they are underrepresented in the billion-dollar esports industry, with Black professionals making up just 4% of the space.

In 2020, on the heels of PepsiCo’s 5-year, $400MM commitment to investing in Black communities, MTN DEW created the Real Change program to discover, challenge, and uplift the next generation of doers.

While Year 1 of the program focused on elevating Black entrepreneurs, there was an opportunity to amplify impact and create a more ownable platform. The 2022 Year 2 iteration had a refreshed focus on increasing Black representation in esports, capitalizing on MTN DEW’s legacy in gaming.

MTN DEW set out to help close the opportunity gap Black gamers face in exploring esports as a viable career path by providing a platform for HBCU student gamers to take a tangible step forward in reaching their full earning potential.

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