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As part of the overall packaging architecture Nespresso wanted to release an “ultra-rare” limited edition range of coffees. An exclusive collection of coffees chosen by Nespresso as the most fascinating of the year due to their environment, rarity and exceptional in-cup results, only achieved through their precise location and culturally specific growing techniques. Nespresso wanted to create a range of packaging that brought to life the authentic story of where the coffee was grown, with a desirable and collectable feel. Not wanting to rely on out-dated and cliché imagery the packaging –essentially small boxes containing Nespresso capsules–needed to punch above its weight.


How can we bring the diverse nature of these exclusive coffees to the forefront? Answer - You make sure the distinct fabric of the culture is brought to life. With a sector full of traditional coffee cues, we wanted to make a bolder more premium statement that would correlate with the positioning of Nespresso and the Explorations range of coffees. Each piece of coffee packaging is wrapped in an authentic and original ‘fabric’, inspired and created from unique cultural references. For example, the India pack used the beautiful Rangoli art as a starting point because the women on the coffee plantation practiced the art of Rangoli as a form as relaxation at the end of the day. Lao depicts the beautifully crafted age-old tradition of hand-crafted silk fabrics of the region and Nicaragua tells the story of the not so well known but remarkable Nicaraguan tile art across the pack.


We researched each individual story, always looking for the piece of authentic insight that the artwork would be built from. Each piece of packaging artwork was created and illustrated in-house, lovingly bringing to life the story using the most relevant materials. When seen together the packs form a striking backdrop for the individual coffee stories. The packs themselves utilised delicate printing techniques, varnishes and finishes to pick out the details across the different artworks.


The limited edition release was highly successful as a global campaign selling out in a short space of time. Some of the packs are now selling on auction sites for nearly 4x the retail price.

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