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As part of the Nespresso overall coffee architecture and packaging projects we worked with Nespresso to create Limited Edition packaging to celebrate the “Roots of Coffee”. The brief was to ‘unveil the tales from the world's coffee cradles’. We lead the consumer on a captivating journey of discovery about the origin of coffee in Ethiopia and Uganda (the Arabica and Robusta varieties, respectively) and the mythology surrounding each.

We didn't want these legends to be taken as a simple stories to be told and forgotten, which is why Nespresso wanted to make sure the story was celebrated through rich storytelling on pack.


From the outset we knew we wanted the story to burst off the packs. So we looked for an illustrator that had a vibrant illustration style and technique that would allow the story of the two coffees to come to life. We collaborated with the brilliant illustrator Mariana Rodrigues. Crafted in a bold and uncompromising way, each tale is lovingly told and unravels on pack. When looking into the detail you start to see the mythical tale of Kaldi the goat herder of Ethiopia and his Arabica beans as well as the unique natural growing conditions of low mountains and lakes that help harness a perfect for Robusta beans in Uganda.


The unique designs were not only used on the packaging but were brought to life across all the touchpoints of a wider campaign for Nespresso. However, in their purest form on pack they were able to instantly demand attention, pulling the viewer in to find out more about the individual stories.


Unfortunately, Nespresso don’t release results on specific projects but what can be said is that the Roots of Coffee range has taken over a presence at Nespresso outlets around the globe and consumers have stocked up on the beautiful packs.

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