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New Santa

MJZ, Los Angeles / AUDI / 2019







As we told the story, we wanted to take a new look at classic archetypes. Even a beloved character like Santa Claus deserves the opportunity to modernize. The Audi RS 5 Sportback served as an inspiration for Santa to do what we all do around the holidays: compare who we are and who we want to be.

Our audience includes adults who have reached a level of success, and will never settle for the status quo. They have seen and done everything; so, getting in front of them means not just telling a new story, but also finding new ways to pique their interest.


As Santa Claus makes deliveries on Christmas Eve, he finds himself in a suburban living room feeling tired, burnt out, and feeling the effects of a millennia's worth of cookies and milk. Upon seeing a loving couple arrive next door in a new Audi RS 5 Sportback, he decides he needs to make a change. Inspired by the car, he undergoes a year long transformation, changing his clothes, his hair, and his physique. By year’s end, he feels brand new and ready to tackle a new Christmas. To his surprise, Mrs. Claus and the elves reward him for his hard work with a new sleigh - his own RS 5 Sportback.

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