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‘Nightography’ on the Galaxy S22 lets users capture clear, bright content in extremely low-light conditions. Samsung wanted to get this game-changing feature in front of an audience that could really unlock its full potential - Gen Z creators. But to get the attention of an audience growing more and more tired of annual phone launches, we needed to entertain, not make ads.


To introduce Gen Z to Nightography we didn’t create an ad, we debuted an entirely new film genre, designed for TikTok. Introducing ‘Night Noir’ - tiny crews, dark nights, and darker themes. We created a series of short-films all captured at night on the Galaxy S22 Ultra to demonstrate the power of Nightography. Each film showed TikTokers that they don’t need a fancy camera or huge production budget to make their own movie - all they need is the Galaxy S22.


Our target audience, Gen Z “social expressors” love creating and sharing content, so TikTok was the perfect place to reach them. But to engage this audience, we knew we couldn't lazily run global product ads on a platform where they demand entertainment. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 ‘Nightography’ feature broke the rules of mobile content creation, so we set out to break a few rules of our own. We broke the rules of TikTok content by creating a 4min20sec short film, becoming one of the first brands to leverage the platform's new maximum video length (10mins). We broke the rules of film, shooting entirely in 9x16, on a mobile device and in the dark of night. And we broke the rules of influencer marketing by promoting our influencers as movie stars, instead of content creators. #NightNoir broke the rules and brought a new genre to TikTok and the film world.


We kicked #NightNoir off with a short film, #ILoveYou directed by Tig Terera. The genre-defining film was shot entirely at night, on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, in 9x16, and starred some of Australia’s biggest TikTokers -superstar Twitch streamers Loserfruit and Crayator, dance crew Gnome Boys, and fashion creator Tara Chandra; each bringing their own style.

Like a traditional movie release, we promoted the film with cinematic OOH and street posters, and a trailer that ran across all platforms. But unlike a normal release, we created four unique trailers, one for each of our influencer stars - which helped us engage each influencer’s fanbase.

To scale the genre, we sent upcoming filmmakers the Galaxy S22 and captured them working their magic creating their own #NightNoir films. And finally, to showcase the technical brilliance of the Galaxy S22, we created a behind-the-scenes film documenting the innovative production process.


With 7.4 million views on the hero film alone and 88.5 million total impressions we successfully introduced Gen Z to Nightography on the Galaxy S22. During the campaign period we saw an 85% increase in searches for Nightography and 30% increase in sales, with our #NightNoir films delivering +4,667% more views than the average TikTok on Samsung AU’s account. #NightNoir showed Gen Z TikTokers that Nightography on the Galaxy S22 can help them express themselves freely and capture any story they want to tell, no matter how ‘dark’ it may be.

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