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Nike Unlimited Campaign

DIRTY ROBBER, Los Angeles / NIKE / 2017

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Our creative intention was to find a fresh new lens through which we’d view Nike’s super-human athletes. We wanted to showcase their life stories in a way that would re-contextualize their internationally known and lauded accomplishments. As these athletes make themselves vulnerable, they allow the audience to identify with them in a whole new way.

We found that the key was to zero-in on each athlete’s outlook on life, and illuminate their internal driving force - whatever that spark is that lights their competitive fire. By highlighting these athletes’ inner hopes and fears, we hoped to create cinematic and emotional pieces that would inspire and empower the next generation of Nike athletes.


We needed to see our subjects in their element. So, we traveled all over the world, from Florida, San Diego and Washington State, to Jamaica, Ethiopia and Kenya.

We filmed each athlete’s actual training regimen as they prepared for the world’s most prestigious sporting event. It was imperative that we neither staged their training for the sake of the production, nor that we interfere or interrupt their systematic routine. We stayed out of the way, filming around their authentic training regimens.

As our role in the series grew, the delivery schedule for our assets became increasingly tight, requiring around-the-clock production scheduling and support from the post-production team.


Our Nike Unlimited story is one that grew wildly in the telling, from an initial role in the campaign that was peripheral at best, to a cornerstone of the Nike 2016 canon. From internal messaging and behind-the-scenes deliverables, to 38-million social media impressions and counting, it’s fair to say the impact of the Unlimited campaign surpassed all expectations.

Our pieces were featured in publications as varied as Fortune, CNN, Us Weekly, Elle, Ad Age, Ad Week, Daily Mail and Harper’s Bazaar.

Several were noted Editor’s Picks at Ad Age and Ad Week, and one piece we are particularly proud of was ranked “The Most Inspirational Ad of 2016,” according to Ace Metrix’s performance & impact analysis rankings.

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