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Unlimited Stadium

BBH, Singapore / NIKE / 2017


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The Nike Unlimited Stadium.

The first full-size LED running track. The world’s most innovative training environment.

It takes runners data—lap time, speed, lap count, etc—and turns it into an digital avatar displayed onscreen that you can actually run against, and train with. Avatars are best in this case, because as actual runners told us, while you can run against track lights, or even drones, nothing simulates actual competition as much as an actual antropomorphic representation of you.

This core experience was the foundation for the entire structure which became the world's first full-size LED Running Track, and the world's most innovative training environment.


It was launched during the Olympics, which generated additional energy around the experience.

Erected in Manila, Philippines. An entire block in the heart of BGC, the center of the most important city in the country.


* 5.1 million pixels

* 252 sq meters of LED

* 492 LED panels

* 7800m of optic fibre cables

* 8 tonnes of LED screen


* 4000 sq meter of venue space occupied

* 800 cubic meters of concrete

* 1920 tonnes of concrete

* 180 cement trucks used

* 124 workers around the clock

* 80,352 manhours


* 18 computers

* 27 control monitors

* 14 animators

* 8 coders

* 11 engineers

* 6 RFID mats


No. of total footfall : 6217

No. of total runners : 1,854

No. of trials : 1,625 (excludes in-store, TBC)

PR Coverage worldwide in every continent.

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