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NIKEiD VR Studio

R/GA BUENOS AIRES, Buenos Aires / NIKE / 2017


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NikeID VR Studio is a virtual reality experience designed to bring the existing customization platform to life in an innovative new way. Building on the existing NikeID program, NikeID VR Studio participants can choose their favorite colors and create a personalized sneaker right in front of them, using VR. Once the experience is over, they receive an email where they can see their finished product and are directed to to purchase the shoe.


To encourage the use of NikeID inside the Nike Store in Santiago de Chile, we created the NikeID VR Studio. This experience allows any consumer to create their own sneakers on the spot using a HTC Vive headset. The options for customization include coloring the laces, the quarter panel, the midsole, and the Nike swoosh. Once the five-minute countdown clock ends, an email is sent to the user with his design and the option to purchase their shoe from the NikeID site.


During the first week, 80% of the people who experimented the VR Studio opened the email with their personalized design, and 30% clicked through to the website. Prominent lifestyle media outlets shared the news about the installation inside the new Nike Store in Chile, driving audiences to the store to try it for themselves.

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